JONA Cardigan // Oversize Cardigan with belt

LOTILDA Jona Oversize Cardigan Strickjacke mit Gürtel


The JONA Cardigan is an oversize cardigan, which is worked top down with increases along the knitted pieces. You start working the first side of the neckband and front piece and shape the drop down shoulders by working short rows.

The deep V-neck is shaped by increases, the slanted sleeves by decreases, which are first worked to the armhole openings. 

You then pick up stitches for the second front piece as well as the back piece, which are worked to the armhole openings, too. You then place all tree pieces on the same needle to finish the body.

The sleeve stitches are picked up around the armhole openings and worked in round. Due to the top down technique, the cardigan’s length can be easily adjusted to personal measurements. 

All cuffs and the belt are worked with slipped stitches.

The instruction includes a detailed model sketch with all necessary measurements, a blank sketch for notes and alternative front bands.

Fit 1 2 3 wide
Difficulty 1 2 3 advanced

This pattern is available in english and german for €6.90 EUR  (Ravelry)

You can find some photos of step 1-3 here JONA-Fotoalbum


Streifen-Schal im Patentmuster

Ursprünglich wollte ich das Model aus Lana Grossa Design Special No. 2  eins:eins stricken, aber leider war mir dann 1. das Material doch etwas zu kratzig, da ich persönlich am Hals doch etwas empfindlich bin und 2. hat mir das stricken mit Nadel # 6,5 und der dünnen Wolle dann doch etwas zu lange gedauert …