Knitting Pattern MAYA blouse // Top down blouse with knitted i-cord bow

LOTILDA Strickanleitung MAYA Bluse - Kurze Strickbluse mit I-Cord-Schleife


The Maya blouse is worked top down with a round yoke. With a round yoke, all increases for sleeves, back and front piece are worked evenly spread within a row.
The blouse is first worked back and forth in rows, then closed to the round, creating a deep straight neckline. With the subsequently knitted I-cord, the neckline can either be knotted casually or tied into a bow. The short cut blouse is a perfect fit for skirts or high-waist trousers. Due to the top-down-technique, the depth of the neckline, the overall length and the sleeve length can be easily adjusted.

Both the hem and sleeve hem are cast off with an I-cord finish. Due to the tight I-cord finishes, the blouse has a balloon shape fit at sleeves and hip.
The instruction contains a detailed model sketch with all necessary measurements in the appendix, as well as a blank model sketch for your notes and adjustments.

Difficulty: 1 2 3 easy
Fit: 1 2 3 wide

This pattern is available in english and german for €6.50 EUR  (Ravelry)

LOTILDA Strickanleitung MAYA Bluse


• Provisional cast on with crochet hook
• Knit and purl stitches
• Increases (right and left leaning)
• Decreases
• Sleeves: Magic loop method, double pointed needles or short circular needle (40 cm)
• I-cord (knit and cast off)


XS (32/34) S (36/38) M (40/42) L (44/46) XL (48/50) XXL (52/54)
Bust measurements: 74-82 (82-90) 90-98 (98-107) 107-119 (119-131) cm
• Average bust measurements: 78 (86) 94 (103) 113 (125) cm
• Positive ease (extra width): 11 (10) 12 (12) 11 (12) cm
• Bust measurements (blouse): 89 (96) 106 (115) 124 (137) cm
• Length: 46 (47) 48 (49) 50 (51) cm

The model is 164 cm tall and wears size S with a bust measurement of 85 cm. You can find detailed measurements in the model sketch in appendix 1.
You can use the blank model sketch in appendix 2 for notes and conversions.
All details in this instruction mean sizes XS (S) M (L) XL (XXL)

Examples for size selection: Your bust measurement is 85 cm, which corresponds to size S. The finished Maya blouse in size S has a bust measurement of 96 cm, so that your personal extra width (positive ease) is 96 cm – 85 cm = 11 cm.
Your bust measurement is 98 cm, so you are exactly between sizes M and L. The bust measurement of the finished Maya blouse is106 cm for size M and 115 cm for size L. This corresponds to an extra width of 8 cm for size M and 17 cm for size L. You have to decide whether you would like a wider or tighter fit and choose the size accordingly.

LOTILDA Strickanleitung MAYA Bluse


  • Crochet hook approx. 4 – 6 mm (the size of the crochet hook has no influence on the size of the stitches; it only serves as an aid for casting on stitches)
  • Circular needles 5 mm, 6 mm and 6,5 mm, 60 – 100 cm long
  • Sleeves: Circular needle 6,5 mm, 40 cm long
    or: magic loop method with circular needle 6,5 mm, 80 – 100 cm long or double pointed needles 6,5 mm
  • 2 dpns for I-cord


  • 2 large stitch markers for the needle
  • extra cables or waste yarn for held stitches
  • tapestry needle


4 threads of yarn; choose the right needle size:

  • In stockinette stitch in the row with needle 6 mm (p on ws) and 6,5 mm (k on rs) In stockinette stitch in the round with needle 6,5 mm
  • 10 x 10 cm = 14 stitches x 20 rows/rounds


Lamana „Premia“ (60% mohair (Super Kid) 40% silk): approx. 300m/25g, RRP 13,95 €, colour 25, 200g/ 2400m (225g/2700m-250g/3000m) 250g/3000m (275g/3300m-300g/3600m) 300g/3600m (325g/ 3900m-350g/4200m)

When working with 4 threads of yarn for sizes S, L and XL, please either use the higher yarn consumption or wind the last ball of yarn into a 2 threaded-ball of yarn, then you can use the threads from the both sides.
If you knit with another yarn, for example 2 threads, use the lower wool consumption.

Tip for comparison with other wool qualities: weight of wool when knitting with 4 threads is 0.33 g per meter (25g/300m*4threads). When using yarn with a meter age of 210m/50g, you only have to use 3 threads, because you get 0.36 g per meter when knitting with 3 threads (25g/210m*3threads).

This pattern is available in english and german for €6.50 EUR  (Ravelry)

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